Company Profile
Founded in 1990

Our company name was originally Koi Barn Construction. As we saw a lack of pond building companies in the market who could build good quality and long-lasting koi ponds, we set about building Koi ponds and water features to a very high standard by installing and building our own systems which could virtually maintain themselves. Our designs set about providing good quality, and practical Koi pond filtration, spacious in design for essential maintenance and easy replacement of elements. We later changed our name to Koi Zen, as our experience and kinds of projects broadened to include modern water features and larger commercial projects, not just koi ponds!

We have fast become what some believe to be the best in our field, receiving recognition and accolades from the koi breeders in Japan we import from, who know what it takes to keep koi in optimum condition. Through the accumulation of years of experience domestically, we have also had the opportunity to work with the world renown architects Villarreal Group of Madrid, to assist in the design and installation of a centre piece koi Lagoon in their newest hotel 'The Abama Resort & Spa', TENERIFE.

We are the only pond building company to have leading pond building and design experts, award-winning koi carp importers, and filtration engineers all available to tailor-make the best pond for each of our clients' unique needs.
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