Pond Lining
4 Available Options:

Butyl Liner: a very popular and cost-efficient way to construct and line your pond. This enables you to divert some of your budget to other areas, namely filtration. Butyl lining comes these days with what amounts to a lifetime guarantee.

G4 & Koi Coat: Paint-on products applied to the internal walls of the pond when rendered, comprising of 3 or 4 layers of lightly painted-on coats. While this is an effective method of water-proofing, it is not a long-term remedy as renewing is called for every few years and does not provide any strength or protection to the pond itself.

Box Welded Liners: Good for dropping to an exact sized block built pond, and is long lasting.

GRP (Fibre Glassing): This method is by far the best choice when lining a pond. Fibre glassing provides the perfect water barrier and lasts forever, and also adds additional strength to the pond structure. GRP is Koi Zen’s preferred method of pond lining.
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